Serving Foreign IP Scoundrels Electronically

An increasing problem for copyright and trademark owners are infringers in foreign countries who use Amazon and other services to sell infringing products online in the United States.  Although a complaint under the service’s intellectual property policy may cause the service to temporarily suspend the offending account, Amazon will not typically terminate an account until

Influenced or illegal?

No artist lives in a vacuum. All artists learn their art from the works and artists that preceded them. Painters study countless styles and techniques. Filmmakers track the shots, lighting and dialogue of older movies. And musicians develop their talents and tastes as they absorb various rhythms, melodies and arrangements. In the art world, all

New Hurdles for IPR Petitioners Seeking to Rely on Printed Publications

Printed publications often are the best source of evidence that a patent claim is invalid.  For example, textbooks, technical specifications, whitepapers, and even comments posted in an online forum can include details that provide one or more grounds under 35 U.S.C. § 102 (anticipation) or § 103 (obviousness) in support of a petition to institute